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ChatGPT: Your Ultimate Trivia Companion


For all the reasons that you have started using ChatGPT for work (creating great content for your blogs, researching how to solve complex problems or appropriate interview questions for your next hire), the fact is, ChatGPT can be used for fun activities as well.

Each month I host a trivia night for a group of co-workers and typically spend a few hours identifying topics and pulling together the 50 questions for the event.

I use Kahoot (, which I strongly recommend. It’s well priced for all the functionality that it offers, including the ability to create courses and polls. As a dinosaur, I found that the individual quiz feature works well for me, and I use the heck out of it. There are dozens of other capabilities, I just need to take the time to learn them.

Some trivia games present a question with no options, the audience is required to provide an answer. Kahoot on the other hand has a question with up to four answers, so at worst, you have a 25% chance of getting things right.

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My event format is intended to keep the most people engaged for as long as possible. Rather than one game of 50 questions, I have two separate games of 25 questions, each with five categories with five questions each. This approach ensures that someone who knows nothing about a particular topic doesn’t end up with no chance to win that round.

And there are two winners for each evening’s event. Again, the intent here is sharing some laughs and occasional trash talk, hence the specific approach. There are lots of ways to boost the level of the challenge, we’ll talk about them in a moment.

Back to how ChatGPT makes my preparation so much simpler. The first step was to get some categories for the trivia night. In my case, it was a virtual office working environment, so I wanted to stay away from the Not Suitable For Work categories.

The first thing I realized is that no matter how helpful ChatGPT might be, it may offer answers that you don’t like. So, if you are looking for 10 categories like I was, ask for 12 or 15. Then you can pick and choose from the options provided. For example, one of the topics offered was mythology, which didn’t interest me.

As you can see, my first approach wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, providing suggestions about work topics, not topics for a work audience. I tweaked my prompt and got the topics I could work on.

With topics in hand, I now needed questions for each of these topics. As you would expect, it took a couple of attempts to get the most value from ChatGPT. I asked for six (though I only needed five) questions with answers on one of the topics.

I was able to specify the level of difficulty of the questions and the number of answers which made my transferring to Kahoot easier. Want harder or easier questions, simply include that in your prompt to ChatGPT.

In my example above, Brazil has won the most World Cup soccer championships and thus the first answer was the correct answer, but the correct answers to other questions appeared to be randomly positioned.

One last adjustment to my prompt was to have the correct answer listed first. From here I could take my five preferred questions out of the six that were provided and randomize the answers in Kahoot.

At this point there isn’t (or maybe there is and I’ve not found it) an integration between Kahoot and ChatGPT, so the longest part of creating my trivia event was to either copy and paste the content or to manually type in the entries. But the process is so much easier when all the content is provided for me. That’s when ChatGPT truly shines.

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