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ChatGPT: Your Ultimate Trivia Companion

For all the reasons that you have started using ChatGPT for work (creating great content for your blogs, researching how to solve complex problems or appropriate interview questions for your next hire), the fact is, ChatGPT can be used for fun activities as well. Each month I host a trivia

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Safemoon LP Exploited for $9M

This week, another case of poor change management resulted in the Safemoon token having its liquidity pool (LP) liquidated. For those who don’t know what

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Smart Contracts

How Web3 Projects Interact with Smart Contracts

If you are familiar with Web3, NFT’s and crypto currencies, you know that there is an underlying dependency on well-defined and developed Smart contracts. If

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How ChatGPT will evolve NFTs !

If you have seen the news lately, you are already preparing to be replaced by a computer program called ChatGPT. From passing bar exams to

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