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Should Crypto Product Companies Attend Trade Shows?


A question that many rising NFT and Metaverse businesses often ask is “Should I attend or sponsor an in-person trade show?”

Though the answer is “It depends”, the reality is that the benefits of participating in major trade shows like NFT|LA or WTC Metaverse can be significant. The real question is “How can your business afford not to represent at these trade shows?”

Today’s trade shows are not what you recall from the 2000’s. The ability to meet industry influencers, exchange ideas with your peers, and see the latest innovations is unmatched. Now that in-person events have resumed (feel free to wear a mask), the pent-up energy has been released. As a result of a client’s attendance at NFT|LA, they have signed four (and counting) engagements, each one worth more than the attendance expenses.

If you wish to be recognized, the message is that your company needs to be seen. For those companies looking to make a big splash, most conferences and trade shows have sponsorship opportunities. These can be as simple as branding on signage and/or registration materials. More significant options include sponsoring the conference Wi-fi or Live Streaming the event. The event promoters can provide the pricing, usually, it’s found in the event brochure.


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When evaluating the expense of sponsorship, consider not only the immediate visibility that is available but the long-term relationship building and brand credibility that results. It’s difficult to capture that residual benefit, but many of our clients report leads developing months later.In the example above, the four engagements described are nearing six new clients, once the terms and conditions can be agreed on. None of these opportunities would have occurred without attending NFT|LA.

Depending on what your budget allows, there should be an existing sponsorship option that works for you. If you can’t find something that aligns with your needs, we have a number of ideas that have been well received by event managers. Let us know your thoughts and let Vast Agency leverage its network to your advantage.

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities at December’s WTC Metaverse event, please reach out to Vast Agency ( We can navigate the details and streamline processes for you to get the most from your NFT and Metaverse investments. Just crush that “Contact Us” in the upper right-hand corner.

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