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Seattle Santa Brings Joy to the World with Collectible NFT Art to Benefit Mary’s Place


VAST Agency, a premiere NFT service provider in collaboration with The Seattle Santa, today announced a unique, first-time collection of digitally created non-fungible token (NFT) creations of The Seattle Santa to benefit Mary’s Place, which supports women and families experiencing homelessness. With easing COVID-19 restrictions, The Seattle Santa will be back in public this year—and he’s helping raise money for a worthy cause through this series of collectible NFT art images. The imaginative, subtly animated Crypto Santa NFT images gallery and pricing is online here. A portion of proceeds from the NFT sales will go to Mary’s Place, the largest emergency shelter for women and families in Washington State.

Santa in the Blockchain
Forget collectible ornaments that gather dust throughout the year, NFT art is the new way to invest and trade digital content that can grow in value over time. For this season’s Santa Claus images, VAST commissioned renowned Seattle photographer Spike Mafford to capture Santa in creative, heart-warming poses and settings that reignite our joy and imagination for the Holiday and Christmas season. To better understand exactly how NFTs are created, purchased, and traded on marketplaces with the use of a crypto-wallet, read about it in this CNN Business article.

NFTs for a Good Cause: Helping Mary’s Place Family Center
The largest family shelter in Washington State, Mary’s Place provides women and families a safe, warm place to come inside when faced with violence and homelessness. The COVID pandemic has resulted in record-setting numbers of layoffs and work reductions that pushed many families into hunger, poverty and in need of ‘a home for now’ shelter. A portion of every Seattle Santa NFT digital art sale will go toward helping Mary’s Place reach its goal that ‘no one’s child will sleep outside’ this year.

“The holiday season is hard for families who struggle and face the challenges of homelessness—especially the children,” said Marty Hartman, executive director of Mary’s Place. “Santa brings instant joy and imagination to us all, and we love this creative idea of capturing the magic of Christmas in these beautiful collectible NFT images. What a great and fun way to embrace the future and help Mary’s Place! We’re so grateful,” added Hartman.

“I’m so excited to reunite with the public and listen to their wishes and hopes for this Holiday and Christmas season,” said The Seattle Santa. “While working together with the VAST Agency who are experts in creating, establishing, and selling NFT content—I suggested that we convert a series of my Seattle Santa images into NFT collectible art—and share sales proceeds with Mary’s Place. It’s a great way for the public to get introduced to crypto and Blockchain investing, while helping one of the most deserving causes locally here in Seattle.”

The Seattle Santa will be on-location this season in the greater Seattle area. To see his calendar and appearance locations where prints of his NFT images will be on display, visit: The Mary’s Place “No Child Sleeps Outside” campaign runs through the rest of the year to raise critically needed funds that help families and children stay in their homes or quickly move back into housing. VAST Agency works with many of today’s top artists to create non-fungible tokens of their creations and have produced some of the most traditional, nostalgic, and fun images for this Christmas and holiday season.

The Seattle ‘Crypto’ Santa NFT art is available at: OpenSea and Rarible.

About Mary’s Place
Since 1999, Mary’s Place provides safe, inclusive shelter and services that support women, children and families on their journey out of homelessness. Mary’s Place helps thousands of women and families move out of homelessness into more stable situations served by five emergency family shelters throughout King County, Washington. With a mission to keep families together, inside, and safe when they have no place else to go, Mary’s Place provides resources, housing and employment services, community, and hope. Contribute and become a donor for Mary’s Place at: .

The Seattle Santa
For many years, The Seattle Santa has brought joy and merry to children and adults throughout the greater Seattle area during the holiday seasons. Available for both public and private engagements—even from his inflated ‘Snow Globe’ during the COVID pandemic in 2020—The Seattle Santa is dedicated to making the season bright. His latest holiday magic is to share beautiful NFT artworks to support Mary’s Place shelter for families and children in need. To follow or book The Seattle Santa, visit:

The VAST Agency
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