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Vast Agency Marks First Year of Growth and Expanding Market Reach as Premiere NFT Service Provider



VAST Agency, a premiere non-fungible token (NFT) consultancy, celebrated its first anniversary in April realizing stunning services and customer volume growth. Offering strategies and expert guidance to help clients create NFT holdings—Vast Agency today announced added market reach through specialization for museums, art galleries and not-for-profit organizations. The NFT market is expected to exceed $300 billion in 2022, and Vast Agency is helping clients mint and stake their assets in the emerging Web3 landscape to leverage NFT exchanges for maximum investment optimization.

Vast Agency markets include digital art, music, blockchain gaming, Esports, film & TV, Metaverse, and anime & cosplay. Digital content owners are exploring new ways to monetize their assets through collectible NFTs for investments, fund-raising, and licensing. Many of today’s world renowned museums and art galleries like Belvedere Museum in Vienna, Austria, the newly launched Seattle NFT Museum, and even Christie’s Auction House are evolving their business to include NFTs as an added and alternative revenue stream.

“Our team at VAST Agency share the same vision as the famous Beeple record-setting NFT artist, and the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection, featuring 10,000 unique NFTs. Helping others in this rush to market to monetize the vast range of physical and digital content collections is our core mission,” said Paul Norman, Chief Revenue Officer at Vast Agency. “The market continues to grow, evolve, experiment, and seek efficient, greener, and practical ways to increase the utility and financial benefits of NFTs. Vast Agency brings the expertise and confidence to guide each client,” added Norman.

VAST Agency works with world renowned artists, studios, gaming, and non-profit organizations to create non-fungible tokens of their creations and digital assets. To learn how NFTs are created, purchased, and traded on marketplaces with the use of a crypto-wallet, review this CNN Business article.

About VAST Agency
Vast Agency is a premiere service consultancy that helps artists, corporations, and individual investors adopt Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technology for their long-term digital asset portfolios. Vast Agency helps both artists and investors navigate the new realm of digital content curation and authentication via the Blockchain with its expert understanding and credentials in the emerging Web3 landscape. VAST Agency partners with clients managing: Animation, Digital Art, Film & TV, Museums & Galleries, Non-profit organizations, Music Industry, Blockchain gaming, E-sports, Metaverse, and Anime & Cosplay.

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